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BELT - 10 MM

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Featuring a patented sliding lever, the SBD belt offers customizable adjustment during your workouts and competitions. The 10 mm lever belt is made from two cuts of leather to enable the belt to retain its support while adapting to your size. The buckle has been designed to minimize any discomfort when your legs come into contact with the belt. Designed in collaboration with world-class athletes, trainers and health professionals.

  • 10 mm thick and 10 cm wide.
  • Finished in black oiled leather with a red suede interior.
  • Approved by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF).
  • Made exclusively in Great Britain.

Sizing guide

XS 55 - 70
S 62.5 - 80
M 70 - 90
L 77.5 - 100
XL 85 - 110
2XL 92.5 - 120
3XL 100 - 130
4XL 107.5 - 140
5XL 115 - 150

How to take your measurements?

Measure the circumference of your waist at the level of your navel at rest. Measure the circumference of your waist at the level of your navel at rest. We generally recommend choosing a belt with your measurement in the middle of a waistband, as this will allow you to adjust the belt in either direction to suit your preferences, the exercise you use the belt for, your weight variation, or if you wear the belt over heavy clothing.

What are the differences between the 13 mm belt and the 10 mm belt?

The belt's 10 mm thickness, made up of two layers of leather and one layer of suede, offers significant support but with less restriction than the 13 mm belt. This allows greater flexion of the back, enabling the user to lift with less inhibition and adopt positions that the 13 mm belt might restrict.

The adjustable lever buckle on the 10 mm belt has also been updated, with the same sliding lever mechanism found on the 13 mm belt, but with a lower-profile design and rounded edges. Please note: The buckles on the 10 mm and 13 mm belts are not interchangeable. 


To preserve the appearance of the leather, we recommend polishing the outside and edges with black shoe polish every month. Avoid dropping or throwing your belt, as this could damage the buckle.

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